wide1 W1S1 [waıd] adj
3¦(in many places)¦
4 a wide variation/difference/gap etc
5 the wider context/issues/picture etc
7 give somebody/something a wide berth
8¦(not hit something)¦
9 the (big) wide world
10 nationwide/city-wide etc
[: Old English; Origin: wid]
1.) ¦(DISTANCE)¦
a) measuring a large distance from one side to the other
= ↑broad
≠ ↑narrow
a wide tree-lined road
a hat with a wide brim
wide smile/grin
As he ran toward me, his face broke into a wide grin.
b) measuring a particular distance from one side to the other
How wide is the door?
The boat was nearly as wide as the canal.
five metres/two miles etc wide
The river is more than fifty yards wide.
2.) ¦(VARIETY)¦ [usually before noun]
including or involving a large variety of different people, things, or situations
a man with a wide experience of foreign affairs
Our aim is to bring classical music to a wider audience.
a wide range/variety/choice etc (of sth)
This year's festival includes a wide range of entertainers.
holidays to a wide choice of destinations
3.) ¦(IN MANY PLACES)¦ [usually before noun]
happening among many people or in many places
The radio and newspapers gave the trial wide coverage.
4.) a wide variation/difference/gap etc
a large and noticeable difference
the ever-wider gap between the richest and poorest countries
5.) the wider context/issues/picture etc
the more general features of a situation, rather than the specific details
We hope that by the end of the course students will be able to see their subject in a wider context.
6.) ¦(EYES)¦
literary wide eyes are fully open, especially when someone is very surprised, excited, or frightened
Her eyes grew wide in anticipation.
7.) give sb/sth a wide berth
to avoid someone or something
not hitting something you were aiming at
wide of
His shot was just wide of the goal.
9.) the (big) wide world
especially spoken places outside the small familiar place where you live
Soon you'll leave school and go out into the big wide world.
10.) nationwide/city-wide etc
affecting all the people in a nation, city etc
a country-wide revolt against the government
WORD CHOICE: wide, thick, broad
Wide is used to talk about the distance across something such as a road or river. It is also used to talk about the distance from one side to the other of an object : a doorway two metres wide
Thick is usually used to talk about the distance between the two largest surfaces of an object : The steel doors are four inches thick.
Broad can often be used instead of wide , but it is slightly literary : broad, graceful avenues
Broad is always used with shoulders and back : a big man with broad (NOT wide) shoulders
Wide is used with nouns such as range , variety , and choice to say that something includes a lot of different things.
Broad is used with nouns such as outline , picture , and description to say that a description is general rather than specific.
wide 2
wide2 W3S3 adv
1.) wide open/awake/apart
completely open, awake, or apart
Someone left the back door wide open.
At 2 a.m. I was still wide awake.
Sandy stood with his back to the fire, legs wide apart.
2.) opening or spreading as much as possible
open/spread (sth) wide
Spiro spread his arms wide in a welcoming gesture.
Leonora's eyes opened wide in horror.
The windows had been opened wide and she could feel a slight breeze.
3.) wide open
if a competition, election etc is wide open, it is possible for anyone to succeed
Most experts agree that the election is wide open at this point.
4.) not hitting something you were aiming at, and missing it by a large distance
His throw to first base went wide .
5.) wide of the mark
a) not correct about something, by a large amount
The opinion polls were hopelessly wide of the mark.
b) not hitting something you were aiming at, and missing it by a large distance
One of the bombs fell wide of the mark.
far and wide atfar1 (11)

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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